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AboutNYC Psychiatric Associates

Taking care of one’s mental health is just as important as taking care of one’s physical health. However, people are less likely to consider any form of mental health treatment until it becomes absolutely necessary. Instead of waiting for the treatment to reach its worst state, Dr. Mekles and his team can provide customized treatment to help patients through it.

Mental health issues can occur together and influence one another. In these cases, treating one issue instead of both can result in the untreated issue becoming worse. At NYC Psychiatric Associates, we can provide addiction treatment, along with therapy and counseling services. Our goal is to help patients find effective coping and treatment methods to live a healthier lifestyle.

There is no reason to struggle with an addiction or mental illness alone. Call us to seek help today.

Our team establishes a welcoming and judgment-free environment for patients. We can help people be themselves, let down their guard and receive the treatment they need. While we will guide patients through the treatment process, many will continue with their daily life during it. Over time, the patient may not need as many appointments with us and may continue by seeing support groups with those who have similar struggles.

Dr. Mekles

Expert in treating all psychiatric conditions. Employs a targeted approach utilizing the biopsychosocial model to target appropriate medications and utilized the appropriate therapy for mental wellbeing. Years of success in treating the most refractory of cases. We work together to form the strongest therapeutic alliance so you can be well. 8 years of experience managing all psychiatric conditions. Excellence and mastery of psychopharmacology and drug interactions. Successfully have treated the most difficult and refractory of all psychiatric pathologies. Will see patients on weekends. Let’s get you better together! We'll work to treat you together and then maintain the success as we strive for new heights across the board!

Dr. Sager

Following graduation from medical school, Dr. Sager completed his psychiatric residency at Hillside Hospital, the psychiatric division of Long Island Jewish Medical Center, a teaching affiliate of Albert Einstein School of Medicine.

He began his career transitioning from an addictive disease unit into one of the first dual diagnosis units. Dr. Sager moved to Delaware where he maintained a private practice for more than 20 years, while also working in numerous capacities at private and state hospitals, community health centers, and substance abuse facilities.

Dr. Sager became certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. This was followed with certification by examination (now called Board Certified) by the American Society of Addiction Medicine. Dr. Sager is one of the first psychiatrists to be board certified by the American Board of Psychiatrists and Neurology, with added qualifications on Addiction Psychiatry, the newly formed sub-specialty in psychiatry.

Although trained by analysts in New York in both insight-oriented and supportive psychotherapy, and still maintaining some psychotherapy patients, Dr. Sager has spent much of his career treating non-responsive mood, anxiety and substance abuse disorders as well, in his private practice and hospital settings.

Dr. Matthew Fan

Dr. Fan joined this private practice with the goal of providing his patients an extra level of care and compassion. He is aware that every patient is different and manages treatment with that in mind; he works to get to know his patients and find the best treatment approach for each specific condition and situation. Dr. Fan’s depth and breadth of clinical experience is unique, having served as psychiatrist in emergency room, inpatient units and forensic settings. Dr. Fan’s goal is to facilitate the start of a journey to recovery with every patient.

Dr. Noah Melikian

Dr. Melikian is a board-certified psychiatrist with a pragmatic style of treatment. Utilizing a focused approach with shared decision making, his clients rapidly feel at ease and confident that their treatment goals are within reach. With two years of training in general surgery in addition to his specialty in psychiatry, Dr. Melikian offers an unparalleled understanding of the physiological issues that may affect an individual’s psychological well-being. In addition to his extensive training in psychiatry, Dr. Melikian obtained a master’s degree in Biotechnology from Georgetown University giving him a unique perspective on the latest in drug development to aid him in assessing cutting-edge treatments.

Skilled in treating all manners of psychiatric disorders, you will be in good hands with an excellent support team with Dr. Melikian at NYC Psychiatric Associates. Make an appointment today!

Dr. Garrett Rossi

Dr. Garrett Rossi completed his psychiatry training at Cooper University Hospital. During his time as a resident, he authored multiple articles published in peer reviewed journals, authored a textbook chapter on sports psychiatry, presented clinical research at multiple national conferences, and held leadership roles within the New Jersey Psychiatric Association. Dr. Rossi plans to bring his passion for innovative psychiatric care to every patient encounter.

Dr. Khanyutin

Dr. Khanyutin is a board certified psychiatrist, who is passionate about providing high quality integrative care. Her goal is to provide compassionate, comprehensive and collaborative care to all her patients. Treatment plan will include pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches, such as mindfulness based interventions. Dr. Khanyutin practices general psychiatry for patients eighteen and older. However, she has a particular interest in perinatal mental health and has obtained further training through Postpartum Support International in perinatal psychiatry to provide care to women in need. Dr. Khanyutin is committed to finding a solution that will work best for you.

Austin Hamilton

Austin Hamilton is a wellness and relationship advisor and Coach. She focuses on the integration between mindful awareness techniques and cognitive behavioral patterning in order to improve her client’s relationship with themselves as well as others.

Austin has studied many formats of Psychology. She graduated from Columbia University in New York and attended the School of Visual Arts Master's in Art Therapy. She is trained in multiple modalities including; dialectical behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, expressive art therapy, guided meditation, somatic therapy, and yoga.

She received her certification in plant-based nutrition from Cornell University and is also a certified yoga teacher. Austin has lived in France, Dubai, London, Santa Barbara, and New York- working in private and public health sectors. She has also interned with the Coalition for Hispanic Family Services in New York, providing therapy to at-risk youth and children.

Austin works with clients globally (primarily in the United States and Europe). Her sessions are geared toward creating a meaningful and supportive conversation with the ultimate goal of establishing solid and effective strategies to aid her clients in more authentic self-development. Her clients feel safe and seen for who they are and are able to express their needs in authentically without judgment. Austin's style is holistic and empowering.

For questions or to schedule an appointment with Austin, please contact her directly at:

Daniel De Zamacona

Certified Life Coach

Daniel is a certified life coach who helps his clients re-create themselves from within to enable them to design the life they truly want. Daniel’s clients rewire their minds so they see themselves and their world differently. By doing so, his clients feel stronger emotionally, improve their behavior, and create their desired results.

Daniel knows that with the right mindset you can have, be, or do whatever you desire. He transformed his own life with this process from a life of depression and anxiety to a life of flow and purpose. Now, it’s his mission to help others realize their best lives. He achieves this by creating a safe place for clients to explore, know, and embrace themselves. He helps executives, artists, entrepreneurs, athletes, stay at home parents, and more transform their lives intentionally.

In addition to being a certified life coach by the CTA, Daniel is also a professional tennis coach certified by the USPTA, a NASM certified personal trainer, and a previous scholar at the Life Coach School. When not coaching or teaching tennis, he enjoys playing and competing in sports, meeting new people, and exploring new places.

To schedule a discovery session or for more information, contact Daniel at [email protected] or

Cara Price

Wellness and Lifestyle Coach

As a Well-Being and Lifestyle Coach, Cara specializes in helping others live their best life today, focusing on the shift from survival mode to a place of ease, confidence and health.

She has over 20 years of experience in personal development and lifestyle coaching.

Cara implements an integrative and holistic approach to wellness and helps to create a customized simple healthy living plan through plant-based products and guidance for lifestyle modifications. She assesses individual needs to help clients as an alternative to or working alongside a medical plan for mental and physical health.

Her mission is helping those who want to experience improvements in daily life to discover simple shifts that can make significant changes to their quality of life.

Dr. Stella B. Keitel

Dr. Stella B. Keitel is a licensed clinical psychologist. She received her Doctorate Degree from Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology at Yeshiva University. She completed the capstone of her clinical training at Manhattan Psychiatric Center, followed by post-doctoral training at Kirby Forensic Psychiatric Center.

Dr. Keitel is passionate about providing comprehensive, evidence-based treatments and evaluations to adolescents, adults, and couples.

In treatment, Dr. Keitel employs an integrative framework pulling from several therapeutic modalities including, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. Dr. Keitel works collaboratively in treatment and is dedicated to providing a safe space to all.

Malinda Appel

Yoga Trainer

At Nycpa we believe in the biopscyhosocial model. In addition to medication management the importance of group yoga classes, where we can interact with others, and find our tru zen are of the utmost importance.

Malinda appel has 20 years of yoga experience and has the most keen ways of untapping the the unconscious spirit to find one's tru zen and still the mind and every day stressors of nyc.

She is a master of stilling the mind and organizing others in cooperation to complete the task of combatting the daily stressors of life in nyc.

Babatunde Ogundipe, MD MPH

Babatunde Ogundipe, MD MPH is board certified in adult psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. He completed his undergraduate degree in biochemistry and chemistry at the University of California San Diego and received his doctor of medicine from Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston.

After obtaining a master’s degree in public health at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, he completed an internship in family medicine at Loyola University School of Medicine. From here he found a special interest in psychiatry. Changing specialties, he ultimately graduated residency at Meharry Medical College Department of Psychiatry in 2018 where he served as chief resident. Dr Ogundipe has extensive training and interest in geriatric psychiatry (including but not limited to diagnosis and management of neurocognitive disorders) as well as PTSD, sleep, movement, psychotic and mood disorders. His therapeutic approach addresses not only the psychological but also the biological (physical) and social factors that contribute to mental and overall health. He takes pride in, has a passion for his work and derives satisfaction in building a strong therapeutic alliance and seeing his patients get better

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