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Steven Clevenger, MD

Psychiatrists located in Murray Hill, Midtown East, New York, NY


Dr. Steven Clevenger is a dedicated and compassionate psychiatrist who extends a warm welcome to all. He does not subscribe to the notion of an "ideal patient," as he recognizes the distinctiveness of each individual. With extensive experience encompassing a diverse range of patient populations—spanning middle-class suburban communities, rural areas, incarcerated individuals, the unhoused, those with substance abuse issues, college students, and adolescents—Dr. Clevenger's toolbox of solutions is comprehensive and adaptable.

Dr. Clevenger seeks to treat individuals who are motivated to change and eager to find a path forward. He firmly believes that collaboration is essential for effective treatment, and that personal empowerment leads to lasting transformation. His practice is rooted in principles of a non-judgmental approach, acknowledging that there is no "ideal person." Each individual is unique, and the shared goal is to help patients achieve the best version of themselves.

Recognizing that everyone encounters impasses in life, Dr. Clevenger emphasizes the importance of reaching out for help during these pivotal moments. The first step in the recovery journey is to understand each patient's unique goals, needs, and challenges. Dr. Clevenger's sole request from his patients is a willingness to challenge themselves as they navigate the treatment process together.