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A psychiatric evaluation may be necessary for people who struggle with mental health complications. These can include social withdrawal, concentration issues or unexplained mood changes. No matter the type of issue and the person's struggle with the symptoms, we can help customize the treatment for the patient's needs.

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What are Psychiatric Evaluations?

Psychiatric evaluations are often a necessary first step toward successful treatment. At NYC Psychiatric Associates, we can help to ensure that treatment addresses the patient's condition to help the patient cope with the symptoms and lead a healthier lifestyle. While people may be naturally resistant to a psychiatric evaluation, they are an important method to help the patient on the road to recovery.

Psychiatric evaluations review the patient's mental state. This evaluation may involve examining their cognitive, emotional, social and behavioral thoughts and patterns. Each psychiatric evaluation may be slightly different. However, each evaluation typically involves some form of examining symptoms, a psychiatric interview and lab testing.

This detailed and in-depth process dives into the family history of mental complications, the patient’s performance in different areas of life and much more. There are many benefits to having a psychiatric evaluation before starting treatment for a mental health disorder, including:

  • Accurate diagnosis
  • Effective treatment
  • Prevention of complications
  • Better relationships

The most obvious benefit to psychiatric evaluations is that it ensures the patient receives the most accurate diagnosis possible and receives treatment that is effective and tailored for their specific need. For children who receive a psychiatric evaluation, it may be able to identify and treat a disorder early enough to prevent any serious issues from developing.

In some instances, the professional conducting the evaluation may be the one performing psychotherapy if necessary. This allows the patient to build a relationship of trust with us early on.

How Psychiatric Evaluations Work

There are a number of different areas of a person’s life that may be examined during a psychiatric evaluation. It is important to remember that while each evaluation is unique, a tentative outline of what is involved in a psychiatric evaluation includes:

  • Documentation of symptoms
  • Consideration of the family history
  • Check for a medical condition
  • Psychiatric interview of the patient
  • Diagnosis and treatment

The first thing many mental health professionals do during a psychiatric evaluation is determining why the evaluation is needed by considering the symptoms of the patient. In addition, they may also check family history as well as take into consideration the previous medical history of the patient.

It is also often helpful to rule out any medical conditions. This can help to better explain the symptoms along with evaluating the patient's mental state. Once the evaluation is over, we can then diagnose the patient and work with them to treat the condition.

When Psychiatric Evaluations are Necessary

Some people do not realize that each mental illness, such as depression or anxiety, has multiple levels and types. Thus, there is no one-size-fits-all treatment method. At NYC Psychiatric Associates, our team takes the time to identify the patient's needs with a psychiatric evaluation. This can help patients of varying ages from children to adults.

We understand that patients may be hesitant to seek treatment and can help ease the patient into it. People may fear the stereotype of how others judge mental illness, but we strive to create a judgment-free zone. There is no reason to continue struggling with the condition and avoid treatment. In some cases, an individual may not want to seek treatment and a loved one may need to reach out to us.

Signs that a psychiatric evaluation can be beneficial to an individual include:

  • The person has an inability to think rationally
  • The person has sudden, unexplained mood swings
  • The person exhibits a sudden lack of motivation
  • The child is uninterested in social interactions
  • The child acts out in ways that are unhealthy

It is important to know the difference between changes in behavior or thought patterns that are unhealthy versus normal reactions. In most instances, this distinction is rather obvious. Any repeated behavior of the person that is concerning may require a psychiatric evaluation.

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